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AQUAtap Global, Inc. along with its sister company, Quest Water Solutions Inc., are wholly owned operating subsidiaries of publicly-traded Quest Water Global, Inc. (OTC:QWTR). AQUAtap Global, Inc. is a socially responsible, innovative water solutions company. The company coordinates and facilitates safe water partnerships, providing clean water initiatives for underserved communities. AQUAtap Global, together with its strategic global partners, retains the company’s current, planned, and proposed clean water initiatives throughout Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. AQUAtap Global incorporates subordinate partnerships in each country it operates in, engaging an experienced local partner for their operational expertise, enabling the local partnership to enter into Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) with various levels of Government, NGOs, and strategic investors.

Quest Water Solutions Inc., an innovative water technology company, is the technology provider to our safe water initiatives. Quest Water not only designs, engineers, and manufactures the company’s full range of products, but it also sells these water technology products directly to end users through our corporate sales & marketing divisions and through global distributors and agents.

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Our Values

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Our aim was to create a solution that was simple and logical, and which could easily and quickly be scaled globally. We utilize a proprietary, inclusive Build-Own-Operate community business model that creates ‘shared value’ for both business and society. This shared value includes:

  • Provision of Clean Water as a sustainable, financially viable, and profitable business 

  • Socioeconomic Development through the hiring and training of local personnel

  • Social Impact through expansion of economic opportunity 

  • Poverty Reduction through the alleviation of waterborne diseases, producing water in proximity to residents, generating income for marginalized individuals, and allowing children to attend school

  • Environmentally Sound as the AQUAtap™ system is solar-powered, reduces carbon footprint, uses no chemicals, and produces no pollution or harmful by-products 

  • Community Health & Wellness providing education and skills training to unlock human potential


Social Responsibilities

AQUAtap Global, Inc. merges the social mission of a non-profit with the market-driven approach of business for powering comprehensive growth, dignity, and potential while creating a new way of addressing the global water crisis. At the heart of AQUAtap Global’s mission is to actively support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations shared blueprint for peace and prosperity, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). AQUAtap Global's purpose is anchored to SDG No. 6 and No. 17:

  • SDG No. 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

  • SDG No. 17 - Partnerships For The Goals


We are accelerating progress toward the Global Goal of equitable access to safe, affordable drinking water.

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Meet Our Team

AQUAtap Global Inc. and Quest Water Solutions Inc. were founded by two partners with diverse experience and significant expertise in the water technologies industry. Common values and shared beliefs are what enabled the partners to create a water solutions company that operates differently than traditional water technology companies. We now have a management team that has grown to include complementary skills and experience while sharing our founding values.


John Balanko

President, CEO, Co-Founder, AQUAtap Global, Inc. and Quest Water Solutions Inc.

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Peter Miele

Executive VP, Director, Co-Founder, AQUAtap Global, Inc. and Quest Water Solutions Inc.


Scott Manderson

Director of Marketing,

Quest Water Solutions (Canada)


Ron Orser

Director of Business Development,

Quest Water Solutions (Canada)


Andrea Battiston

Director of Operations,

Quest Water Solutions (Canada)

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David Griffin

Director of Business Development,

Quest Water Solutions (USA)


Alan MacDonell

National Sales Director,

Quest Water Solutions (Canada)

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William 'Bill' Harwood

National Sales Director,

Quest Water Solutions (USA & Puerto Rico)

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Jackie McClure

Media & Corporate Communications, AQUAtap Global, Inc. and Quest Water Solutions Inc.

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