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Our Solution

Quest Water Global's objective is to provide a sustainable source of clean, reliable, and affordable drinking water to underserved communities on a global scale.

We utilize our proprietary solar-powered AQUAtap™ Community Water Purification & Distribution Systems to provide a sustainable and reliable source of clean, safe, and affordable drinking water for sale via a self-serve water vending business model that utilizes fully automated, cashless point of sale water dispensers and an integrated revenue collection system. The integrated revenue collection and water management systems provide real-time remote data collection, monitoring, and troubleshooting, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective servicing.

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A Socially Responsible, Innovative Water Solutions Company

Quest Water Global, Inc. is a socially responsible, innovative water solutions company. The company coordinates and facilitates safe water partnerships, providing clean water initiatives for underserved communities. Quest Water Global, together with our strategic global partners, retains the company’s current, planned, and proposed clean water initiatives throughout Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The company incorporates subordinate partnerships in each country it operates in, engaging an experienced local partner for their operational expertise, enabling the local partnership to enter into Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) with various levels of Government, NGOs, and strategic investors.

The Solution: List

Our Build-Own-Operate Community Business Model

Quest Water Global has developed an inclusive, Build-Own-Operate community business model that has the greatest potential capacity to create 'shared value' for both business and society. Our business model gives us the ability to effectively collaborate and partner with governments and both local and international organizations to establish self-serve water vending to underserved communities on a global scale.

The model implements data capture, monitoring, and fully transparent accountability of business and financial operations to measure performance to specific success metrics.

Quest Water Global employs a market-driven approach for powering comprehensive growth, dignity, and potential while creating a new way of addressing the global water crisis.

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Our Technology

Quest Water Global employs our proprietary solar-powered AQUAtap™ Community Water Purification & Distribution Systems in all its projects, thereby providing a sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable source of clean, safe drinking water for sale to local communities.

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