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Quest Announces Halt Trade

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quest Water Global, Inc. ("Quest" or the "Company") (OTCBB:QWTR) a development stage Delaware corporation, announces that it has been advised by the British Columbia Securities Commission ("BCSC") of issues of newsletters by certain newsletter writers which are contemporary with recent market activity which the BCSC is concerned could result in other than an orderly trading of the securities of the Company. Accordingly the BCSC has issued a halt trade order in the Province of British Columbia under section 89 of the Securities Act effective July 31, 2012 until up to August 22, 2012.

These newsletters were not authorized by the Company or any of its officers and directors and are not endorsed by any of them. The Company and its officers and directors only became aware of the issuances by the newsletter writers when advised by the BCSC, which newsletters were noticed as privately paid and engaged. The Company, and its officers and directors, have not engaged and are not engaging any newsletter writers or investor relations activity. Neither the Company nor its officers or directors are or were aware of nor are or were engaged in nor participated or participate in any of the engagement, creation, payment or distribution of the newsletters. From publicly available documents provided by the BCSC, and disclaimers by the newsletter writers, Everest Asset Management AG, Resource Project Partners I Inc, Centre Focus Media Ltd. and Blue Wave Advisors are noticed as having paid for and engaged the newsletter writers. Neither the Company nor any of its officers and directors know who are the beneficial owners or control persons of these entities. The Company and its officers and directors have knowledge that Erwin Speckert, an individual who has been recently named in a Notice of Hearing by the BCSC, is or was a representative of Everest Asset Management AG and of another investment company that has invested in Quest. Neither the Company nor any of its officers and directors are aware if the other entities have shares in the Company nor are they aware of who their representatives are.

The Company encourages anyone interested in the Company to review the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (US) or on SEDAR (Canada). There have been no changes in the circumstances or business of the Company since the Company's last news release July 26, 2012.

About the Business of Quest Water Global, Inc.

Quest is an innovative water technology company that provides sustainable and environmentally sound solutions to water scarce regions. The company uses proven technologies to create economically viable products that address the critical shortage of clean drinking water in developing countries. Quest's goal is to address the vital issue of water quality and water supply by providing an alternative, sustainable source of pure water at the smallest possible environmental cost to global areas in need, while becoming a leading company in providing turn-key solutions using alternative energy for the purification, desalination and distribution of clean drinking water.

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