The Solution

Our objective is to provide a permanent, abundant, and sustainable source of clean, safe reliable water at affordable rates to underserved, marginalized communities within emerging markets.

We utilize our solar-powered AQUAtap™ Community Water Purification & Distribution Systems to provide a sustainable source of clean, safe drinking water for sale at socially responsible rates via a self-serve water vending business model that utilizes fully automated, cashless point of sale water dispensers and an integrated revenue collection system. The integrated revenue collection and water management systems provide real-time remote data collection, monitoring, and troubleshooting, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective servicing.

Global Water Crisis

No access to clean, safe water

By 2025, it is estimated that 1.8 billion people will live in water-stressed areas

Water supply under pressure

Global water consumption rate doubles every 20 years, exceeding population growth

Waterborne diseases

2.2 million people die each year from waterborne diseases, with the majority of deaths occurring in children under 5


Our Build-Own-Operate Community Business Model

AQUAtap Global has developed an inclusive, Build-Own-Operate community business model that has the greatest potential capacity to create 'shared value' for both business and society. Our business model gives us the ability to effectively collaborate and partner with governments and both local and international organizations to establish self-serve water vending to underserved, marginalized rural and peri-urban communities.


AQUAtap Global merges the social mission of a non-profit with the market-driven approach of business for powering comprehensive growth, dignity, and potential.

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Our Technology

AQUAtap Global, Inc. employs Quest Water’s AQUAtap™ Community Water Purification & Distribution Systems in all its projects, thereby providing a sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable source of clean, safe drinking water for sale to local inhabitants.

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